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The ability to eat and enjoy food is one of the characteristics of human beings.As humans that appears to be the only thing we have in common as far as food is concerned. We differ in every other matter concerning food;while some like it spicy,acrid etc. Others like it bland, tasty, sugary,gooey and the list goes on. Some of these differences are attributed to culture, religion, class,taste or just plain old individual differences.

I found out that these differences have given birth to some extremely hilarious quotes. Please enjoy some of them:

                               “  A cucumber should be sliced, and dressed with

                                  pepper and vinegar, and then thrown out, as good for


-Samuel Johnson-

                      “He was a bold man that first ate an oyster’’

                               – -Jonathan Swift–

                                           “No man is lonely while eating spaghetti”

                                                          -Attributed to Robert Morley-

                                          “Broth is the foundation of cookery”

                                                        -Louis Eustache Ude-

                                       “Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with                                               a college education” 

                                                       – Mark Twain-

                                      “Food is an important part of a balanced diet”

                                                                     -Fran Lebowitz-


                                                    “Food is our common ground a universal experience”

                                                                   -James Beard-


                                                “Do not make a fetish of truffles as the bourgeois do.

                                                 Truffles are excellent but they are not sublime”


                                               “ Do you know what breakfast cereal is made of? It

                                                 is made of all  those little curly wooden shavings you

                                                  find in pencil sharpeners”

                                                           -Ronald Dahl-

                                                “Apple pie without cheese is like a kiss without

                                                  a squeeze”


                                           “Bouillabaisse is only good because cooked by the French,

                                           Who, if they cared to try could produce an excellent and

                                            nutritious substitute out of cigar stump and  empty match


–                                                      -Norman Douglas-

I  know just like the owners of these quotes, you too have lots of fun comments to make about your favorite foods and unprintable ones about those you loathe. Please feel free to share them in your comments.  Have fun.

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Do you want to remain a copy or become an original?This was the question I posed to my sixteen year old daughter .You see it dawned on me recently that she had become so emotionally dependent on the opinion of some influential classmates such that they dictate how she feels about herself, her fashion sense, her attitudes etc. This got me really worried because she was running the risk of growing into who she wasn’t meant to be.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate that it is impossible not to be influenced by friends especially at teenage when you people are a lot more anxious to be accepted by peers. But this dependence on peer opinion should have a limit else such a teen ends up with a stultified personality or a huge case of inferiority complex.

You see those popular mates you are so dependent on for your emotional well being are different from you. They don’t have your nature or nurture. You are as unique as you think they are.

Your nature and nurture has predisposed you to certain tendencies, preferences, attitudes, style etc. You don’t expect to be a copy and at the same time function like an original. The excellence in you must be appreciated by you and allowed to flower.

Am sure you think it’s impossible that you are good even better than those you copy.But you are.

Now how are you going to help the real you step out of that hiding place? First, you must start by learning to think for yourself when there is need to take a decision listen to your own mind; find out what you really want and don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself when your well reasoned opinion is different from your mates.

Of course like every good thing you are not going to get it right immediately you start but like every other worthy skill in this life it needs practice. You must be willing to do it again and again until it  fits like a second skin. And for sticking in there your rewards will be many.

The rewards would include admiration of your mates; enhanced confidence in yourself and your talents and more importantly you would be well on your way to achieving your life ambitions.

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I have a question for parents with teenage children; are you having fun raising them? How do you view the trial some of them can pose? I need to know because I have two teenage daughters who are so different in the “blues” department.

The first is sixteen. She has been fun, easy-going since she was a child till date.Her teenage stage so far has been uneventful. The fourteen year old is another kettle of fish entirely especially since she turned twelve.

The difference between the behavior of these two has made me come to the conclusion
that some teenagers have an easy time passing through the teen stage.

My second daughter took the “blues” meant for herself and her sister. When she turned twelve, she became Miss-you-can’t-tell-me-what-to-do. She had problems with the simplest instruction. You better not advise her on what to wear; how to behave; how to relate with others etc. in fact don’t criticize anything she does because she will either sulk for hours or throw one hell of a tantrum. Sometimes she would skip breakfast,lunch or supper just to show her displeasure.

When she does put up these acts being an impatient Mum myself, I would lash out and scold her thoroughly. But the more I scolded her the worse it became. Sometimes I came within inches of strangling that girl.

One day, I  was just too tired to shout so I didn’t react to one of her very embarrassing displays rather I allowed time for both of us to calm down. Then I called her to my room and just talked. She was very responsive. In fact she apologized for her outburst. I was shocked. I had found the secret.

You see,from then, whenever I counsel instead of scold I get the best of her. Then that sweet side of her nature stays in place for a day or two then the cycle repeats itself.But there was a problem with that because patience was not one of my strongest points

You may not believe it but raising this daughter of mine is also teaching me  to be patient. I am starting to believe that she received a double dose of teen ‘turbulence’ just so she could change me.

Now at fourteen,  though she is far from being an angel but she has really changed. The tantrums are less severe and regular. I on the other hand have much more improved relationship with friends and family because she has taught me patience.

If  your teenager is a lot like my fourteen year old, perhaps her blues have helped you in some ways.

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